Award Season

It’s that season again!  The season that I’m referring to is Awards season, and it is in full swing.   Not even a week ago, the Golden Globes feted the best of movies and television.  Then, just last night, the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards honoured 12 Years a Slave as it won best picture.  Lupita Nyong’o from 12 Years a Slave won best supporting actress and John Ridley, the film’s screenwriter, won best adapted screenplay.  American Hustle, Gravity and Dallas Buyers Club also had a good night.

I like award shows.  Not just to see who is wearing what, but also to see what movie and TV shows are being honoured.  Maybe that’s because I’m notoriously bad for seeing movie trailers and then when the movie actually comes out, I forget what I’d like to see.  Award shows make for a good reminder.  Also, the acceptance speeches can be really funny.

The SAG Awards are this coming Sunday, January 18th.  Then, the 86th annual Academy Awards will take place March 2, with Ellen DeGeneres hosting for the second time.  The list of nominees was announced just yesterday.   I confess that I think it’s amusing to watch the predictions of whom and what will be nominated and then the second round of predictions to see who the winners will be.  Every year there’s at least a good shock or two for both.  I was amazed that Tom Hanks didn’t get an Oscar nomination for Captain Phillips.  I’m sure there were some other shockers as well, like Emma Thompson for Saving Mr. Banks.

The good thing is, while there can only be one winner, you can watch all the movies you like and make up your own mind what you think is best.  What movie or actor/actress do you think is worthy of receiving an award?

Oscars 2014

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