Banff Receives Trees in Recognition of 75th Anniversary

Employees from the Alberta credit union system will be planting trees in Central Park and on Banff Avenue today, National Tree Day, in recognition of the 75th anniversary of the Alberta credit union system, and to aid in the recovery of the community and lift the spirits of its residents impacted by the June floods.

“Alberta’s credit unions belong to the communities they serve, and we want to create a meaningful difference for our members, for our towns and for all of Alberta,” Graham Wetter, CEO of Alberta Central said. “We are celebrating our 75th anniversary by planting trees because we care about the future of our communities, and want to be part of their growth and prosperity. Planting trees in flood-impacted communities is a demonstration of our values and the credit union philosophy.”

A commemorative tree is being planted in front of the Bow Valley Credit Union on Banff Avenue, and 75 saplings will be planted in Central Park by employees of the credit union.

“The tree we’re planting today represents the spirit and resiliency of Banff residents, and all Albertans, in the face of adversity” says Mayor Karen Sorensen. “It also represents the contribution the Bow Valley Credit Union has made to building our community. “

Banff is one of three communities where Alberta credit unions are planting 75 seedling trees and a commemorative tree in each town centre. High River and Okotoks are also receiving the tree donations, as part of Alberta credit unions’ post-flood recovery efforts and their 75th anniversary.

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