Halloween CatHalloween is here. I’m sure of this because Google has had a few creative doodles today, featuring ghosts, goblins and witches. As for the candy? It’s been taste-tested. As a friend of mine says, how can I in good conscious give away candy that might not taste good? To that I say I’m pretty sure that a mini Snickers bar is going to taste exactly like the normal-sized version, but just in case… better taste!

Snoopy and PumpkinI confess that Halloween isn’t my favourite occasion. I did my fair share of running away from houses back in my days of trick-or-treating. What can I say? Perhaps I’m easily frightened. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is my speed.

These days when we are encouraged not to talk to strangers or knock on strangers’ doors, Halloween is an anomaly. Safety first might be a corny thing to say, but better safe than sorry is a long-standing cliché for a reason.   That brings me to suggest:

  • Collect candy in a group and stay inside neighbourhoods that you know. Subdivisions can be super confusing if you aren’t familiar with them and you don’t want to get quasi-trapped or semi-lost.
  • Avoid dark and spooky places – and by this I don’t mean your Halloween loving neighbour’s house which is decorated, spooky, and creepy by design. Do look for jack-o-lanterns and other signs that trick-or-treaters will be welcome
  • Be careful when crossing the road, even more so if you have a dark costume not readily visible by drivers
  • Make sure that your costume works with you – you want to avoid wearing anything that impedes your vision or can trip you up.
  • Carrying a cell phone with you is a good idea – you never know when you’ll want (or need) to make a call or enjoy the marvels of the flashlight app.
  • Dump it all out – look through your stash when you get home and throw away anything that’s already been opened or looks suspicious. Better safe than sorry.

Be safe and have a happy Halloween. Enjoy your extra hour of sleep this weekend when Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday. More sleep is a good way to get over the sugar rush and crash, I’m sure.

Happy Halloween

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