hamster wheelAsk someone how they’re doing and you’ll probably hear “Good! Busy.” I hear that all the time. People keep telling me they’re busy. But I think it’s a kind of bad magic trick. We’re subscribed to all kinds of stuff so we can “keep up”. We’re running around “doing things” so we can succeed because we’re afraid that if we hold still, we might somehow “miss out”.

But are you really too busy? Are you managing your priorities? Or are you running as fast as you can in the proverbial hamster wheel, without looking at anything but where you think you could be going? Some things – like the people you love – should always be at the top of your priorities list. I think that by being “too busy” you are actually missing more than you are getting. Listening, learning, appreciating, connecting, sharing… these are all things that I think people hurry straight past when they are “too busy”.

We have time, as difficult as that may be to see sometimes. We just have to use it better by making wiser decisions. And if you’re truly very busy? You’re blessed because you live a full life. Start seeing it that way.  And if that doesn’t work for you? Then perhaps you should still be considering making some changes.

Take 5 minutes this weekend and breathe. Make a list of your priorities. Think about managing your time so that you don’t miss out on what really matters because you are too busy.

running with the clock


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