Considering Hibernation?

I can’t believe that it is Friday already!  I guess that’s what comes from having a short week.  Short weeks are tricky.  Sometimes they end up feeling super long.  Not this one though.  For the weekend, apparently a big storm complete with piles of snow is coming this way.  I’ll buy that.  It was nice outside this morning and is getting colder by the minute.  This makes a good case for hibernating this weekend.  Some suggestions which can keep you snug and warm inside:

  1. Catch up with some old friends.  Skype is great. 
  2. Have your own film festival with your favourites or check out something you’ve been meaning to watch.  Or maybe you have a pile of books that are waiting to be read, so go for it. 
  3. Take the time to try something new.  Swore you would take up yoga (or guitar or cooking…) last year when you made your New Year’s resolution? There is still time before 2014 hits (although I’m shocked at how quickly it is coming).
  4. Get a head start on your Christmas cards.
  5. Speaking of Christmas, get a head start on planning what needs to happen and when.
  6. Bake something.  Don’t want to eat it all?  Bring it to work with you on Monday and share. 
  7. Sleep.  Naps are great, especially if there is a blanket involved.
  8. Play a board game.  Monopoly is a classic, but there are a lot of options out there.
  9. Feeling a little bit more ambitious? Attack the list of household jobs that never seems to go away; whether it is clean the house or paint the living room, you’ll be happy when it is done.
  10. There’s lots of good football to watch.  If you like the CFL, both the East and West semi-finals are this weekend leading up to the Grey Cup.  There’s nothing like a good rivalry to make a game exciting.  Being at the game always has pluses, but staying warm is worth something too.

Think that being warm is overrated?  If the snow comes, head out tobogganing.  What are the chances that the weather forecast is right?  Having said that, I feel like I may have jinxed it. 

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