One of the classic things in my house at Christmas time is cookies. I love making cookies. I started making them with my mother when I was really young and have a lot of great memories of that. When I first started baking, I was all about rolling snowballs in the powdered sugar rather than doing the dishes, but growing up has made me appreciate the fun part that much more (what can I say? I’m never going to be a fan of dishes).

pinwheel cookiesI used to have this crazy idea that the prettier the cookie was, the better it would be. A few years ago, I was involved in a cookie exchange. I obsessed and worried and worked (and worked… and worked…) got help and all to make these pinwheel cookies. They were beautiful looking, no doubt about it; they looked exactly like the picture in the magazine. The only problem with these cookies? They were gone in a nanosecond. Never again, I tell you. I guess on the plus side, they weren’t yucky!

So I’ve changed my opinion since then, without a doubt.  Pretty is good, but taste is essential!  Couple classic suggestions for cookie making that won’t steal all your free time and still have you looking like a pro?

I know what I’m going to be doing this weekend. The countdown is on – Christmas is 20 days away, and it is time to get baking!!


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