Success and Failure ArrowsFailure: it’s something we turn our heads away from, hoping that it’s not catching like a bad cold. The idea of failing is not a warm and fuzzy concept that anyone greets with enthusiasm. At the same time, it’s reality. No one walks through life succeeding at absolutely everything they turn their minds to. Even people who we think as being really accomplished have had their share of bumps in the road.

Stephen King submitted his first novel, Carrie, to 30 different editors and received 30 rejection slips. He went so far as to toss the manuscript in the trash, but his wife convinced him to keep trying and today Carrie is a horror classic. Charles Shultz, creator of the Peanuts comic strips, started his career with rejection. His high school newspaper rejected every comic he gave them, and after high school, he was turned down for a job working for Walt Disney (who we also know faced his share of failures with just one of those instances being when he was fired because he lacked imagination). Elvis Presley was fired after his first performance at the Grand Ole Opry.  Oscar-winning actor Sidney Poitier was told to become a dishwasher at his first audition.  Hugh Jackman was fired from 7-Eleven for talking to customers too much after just 6  short   weeks. The Beatles were dropped by their first record label because their sound wasn’t right. Steven Spielberg was rejected from film school — three times!

success quote Michael JordanThe point to this is that no is a word that we aren’t unfamiliar with. Does it need to be the end of your dreams or efforts? Absolutely not. Maybe you’ve become smarter or stronger from your failure. I’m not saying that there’s never at a point at which you shouldn’t re-evaluate what you are doing, and I’m sure that point is different for everyone. What I am saying is do not let the first sign of things going sideways define you. Success can be defined as how you deal with a setback, so it is important to get back up. See if you can learn something from the experience. Give it another shot. You never know when your next attempt going to turn into something amazing.

success and failure Winston Churchill

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