Fun in the Sun

SummerAlthough it really doesn’t feel like it at all today, summer is in full swing and it’s the time of year to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. All winter long, we long for sunny days. From fun activities like swimming, to horseback riding, to BBQs, to sports, and much more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

I remember summer vacation always being so amazing when I was younger – maybe that has something to do with a 2 month holiday! But still, part of what made it so great was playing outside until dark. Even thinking about it makes me nostalgic. There’s nothing like getting outside and enjoying the sun.

Everyone is always asking “Any big plans for this summer? Followed up by “what did you do this summer vacation?”

Need some suggestions for how to spend the summer?

  1. Try some new recgrillipes. Nothing says fun in the sun like grillin’ on the BBQ. Try some new recipes, get creative with your outdoor entertaining, and enjoy some fresh air.
  1. Go without your phone. I’m still enamored with going tech free (on a limited basis). Really, it’ll help you not be distracted by the fun that is right in front of you. Spending a few hours (or even a few days) without your phone is guaranteed to be relaxing as soon as you can stop thinking of your phone as an extension of yourself. Take the time to read a book, visit with your friends, weed the garden… the possibilities are endless.
  1. Have a picnic likpicnice the good ol’ days.  I’m talking about a classic picnic, basket and all. Be Earth friendly and make sure to clean up after yourself, but enjoy a fun homemade meal on a blanket and hope you don’t have to battle the ants for your territory.
  1. Go Swimming. There’s something liberating about going swimming outside in the summer, even if you just go wading or put your feet in a kiddie pool.
  1. Try a change in scenery. We all have our favorite spots, but maybe try somewhere new. It doesn’t need to be a long trip – whatever works for you. Travel to Lake Louise. Or maybe go into Calgary to take it in if you don’t get there often. Or somewhere else entirely! The world is your oyster.
  1. Try out a community event. From movies in the park, to outdoor festivals there are so many more options. You never know what new fun traditions you could find!
  1. Volunteer. Volunteer for anything and anywhere that you think you can help and simultaneously have fun. Not only will you have a sense of contributing back to your community and doing good, but you can also have fun, meet new people, and maybe even learn something.
  1. Try a new exercise somewhere fun. Summer is the best time to try outdoor exercise. Try sunrise Pilates class or a yoga class in a park. Maybe you are feeling a little more daring and ready to take up something like mountain biking.  Or perhaps you want to play football or soccer, so round up some friends.
  1. farmers-marketVisit your local farmers’ market. I’m often amazed at the variety of goods available at the farmers’ market. They are a great way to find fresh produce, pick up some beautiful flowers, eat great food, and mingle with your local neighbors.

Enjoy the summer and don’t forget your sunscreen!!

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