WorldCupBrazilNot only is the Stanley Cup Champion just a few short games away from being decided, but 20th FIFA World Cup is just days away from kickoff on June 12th. Sports heaven!

With 32 teams competing in the 64-game tournament, there is sure to be some magical moments. Host Brazil has their nation’s expectations weighing on them. Will home field advantage help them win a record 6th championship? Brazil does have the most winning record when it comes to World Cup football and no shortage of talent.

Spain, the reigning World Champions, will be looking to make it a fourth major trophy win in a row this summer. But the age-old question is do they have what it takes to take back-to-back championships? This may be the last time we see the likes of Xavi on the world stage, and certainly Spain will be playing to win.

The Dutch are certainly hoping to repeat their strong showing in South Africa in 2010 which saw them lose to Spain in overtime of the final. But then the Dutch squad failed to register a single point at the Euros in 2012. They are in a tough group though which has them facing Spain, Chile, and Australia in round robin action.

EA Sports football engine is predicting Germany will win the World Cup this summer, beating out Brazil in the final. Does this prediction help fuel the German squad’s confidence after EA Sports’ correct prediction that Spain would win 4 years ago? Regardless, German football looks strong. England is likely ignoring this year’s prediction which sees them bowing out in the quarter finals again this year.

World Cup has a ton of stats, ranging from age to how many minutes of international play a player might have, not to mention goals scored, assists, and penalties incurred. With the rash of pre-tournament injuries, including Cristiano Ronaldo who will likely miss Portugal’s first couple of matches with a knee injury, you never know what could happen,  and that’s the beauty of the game. Nothing is written in stone. With more surprises certainly on the way, the month-long football festival is not something to miss.


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