Last Minute Holiday Thoughts

I don’t know about you, but the more that I try to plan for absolutely everything, the more certain I become that I’ve forgotten something, and naturally, I never know what.  A few tips to manage those unplanned for moments so that you aren’t left with that terrible feeling in your stomach. Unexpected guests?  Holiday potluck?  No problem!  

  1.  Have some extra treats made and thrown in the freezer.  This means you can pull out whatever you need in a moment’s notice to make a goodie tray.   Some suggestions?  There’s the ever classic shortbread, or easy slice and bake chocolate cookies, or even gluten-free thumbprints for those who are sensitive to wheat.   
  2. Get a few generic gifts that can be used at any occasion.  A coffee gift card never goes wrong, but there are always other options like movie passes or a box of chocolates. If you don’t end up needing them, you can always save them for next year – or use them yourself!
  3. Do a pre-holiday house cleaning and then make sure that your living area is decorated for the holiday to make any gatherings you host feel more festive.
  4. Make sure that your pantry is well-stocked in the event that you need to make a few extra holiday drinks.  Nothing says Christmas like a hot chocolate being stirred with a candy cane!
  5. Be ready to turn on some Christmas music!
  6. Make sure that your camera is charged/has batteries so that you are ready to take photos.  I can never remember to do this, and I always wish that I would.
  7. Make sure that you have enough napkins, paper towels, and dishwasher detergent.  Cleaning up is never fun, but without your trusty sidekick dishwasher, it goes downhill. Don’t forget the club soda.  It is great to drink, but can always be a cleaning lifesaver for the inevitable spilled food and drink. 
  8. Have fun and enjoy the holidays!

Merry Christmas

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