Long Weekend!

May Long WeekendVictoria Day celebrates Queen Victoria’s birthday (May 24th). Being a member of the Commonwealth, Canada observes Victoria Day, so three cheers for this because it means we get a long weekend! The first long weekend of what can loosely be termed the summer is always exciting (mind you, what long weekend isn’t exciting?). Even though you could wake up to snow if you go camping, the promise of warmer weather and summer fun is irresistible.

But what to do if you aren’t joining the parade of people leaving town? Some suggestions:

  1. Go for a hike or a bike.
  2. Get some retail therapy (either in store or online).
  3. Give your garden some TLC.
  4. Sports fan? The Habs are playing on Saturday afternoon in Round 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs (with home ice advantage!) There’s also MLB action as well as IIHF World Championship hockey in the offering as well.
  5. Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day which just happened on May 15th and if you’re anything like me, you missed the day and think that’s a shame.
  6. Lounge on your patio (weather permitting) and read a book (or take a nap).
  7. Hit up Calaway Park (www.calawaypark.com) for the opening weekend!
  8. Go to Heritage Park (www.heritagepark.ca) also having their opening weekend!
  9. Celebrate the 138th Birthday of the North West Mounted Police on Monday at Fort Calgary (www.fortcalgary.com).
  10. If all else fails and it rains/snows/does some special Albertan combo that likely involves some great gusts of wind, have a movie marathon.

Regardless of what you’re doing this weekend, one piece of advice: don’t speed! That goes for vehicles and boats. Fingers crossed that we get some quality sunlight (so don’t forget the sunscreen) and enjoy your extra day off!

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