March Madness

March MadnessMarch Madness has nothing to do with spring fever (although I’m feeling a good case of that today as well), but is certainly a highlight in March, an potentially otherwise blah month. I wouldn’t say that I’m a huge basketball fan, but NCAA basketball in March is an entirely different beast. There’s nothing like the intensity and excitement of it all.

I think that March Madness is one of the rare modern sports even where the payoff is actually bigger than the moments leading up to it. The first couple of rounds have come and gone at this point, but I really appreciate the dramatic buzzer beaters and late game comebacks that are such a huge part of the tournament.  I even like the inevitable upsets – like seeing Georgia State beat Baylor on a last-second shot or watching UAB stun Iowa State.

Also, I LOVE marching bands. They are exciting, not to mention devoted. Just think of the girl who will now forever be known as the crying piccolo girl who was trying to play through her tears after Villanova’s surprising loss. It all adds to the atmosphere, as do the mascots and the screaming fans.

BracketEven the word bracketology makes me happy, regardless of the fact that I’m not a betting girl and I absolutely stink at predictions. Picking winners, as easy as it sounds on the surface, isn’t all that easy. Last year, Warren Buffett and Quicken Loans offered $1 billion to anyone who got their bracket perfect, but no one claimed it. Surprising? Not at all when you consider that your odds of picking every single game correctly are somewhere between 1 in 5 billion and 1 in 135 billion.

I guess we will have to wait to see what happens this year. Can Kentucky have a perfect season and go on to win the Championship? They’ve been a powerhouse team for some time now. But anything can happen yet. I’m sure that Duke isn’t ready to concede nor is any other team still in the tournament. The absolute beauty of March Madness is that anyone could lose and a team that no one is suspecting, like UCLA could take it all. I don’t think that’ll happen, but you just never know…

Yesterday saw the first half of the Sweet Sixteen Round and the second half of the round plays out tonight. The Elite Eight are playing out this weekend, so I hope you enjoy what is sure to be a great weekend of basketball!


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