Moving On

I’ll admit that my memory of my early childhood years is fuzzy. One of the things that I remember quite clearly is graduating from Kindergarten and saying a poem with 2 other people.

I want to learn to whistle,
I’ve always wanted to;
I fix my mouth to do it but,
The whistle won’t come through.

I think perhaps it’s stuck,
And so I try it once again;
Can people swallow whistles,
Where is my whistle then?

And then we tried to whistle which didn’t really work out so well. Looking back, that was an important moment at that time in my life. Milestones are a big deal, and sometimes I’m not sure we always notice when we hit them until we look back.

Today, I know I’m hitting a milestone. It’s my last day at Bow Valley Credit Union, and I’m remembering why I don’t like the word goodbye very much.  The last few years that I’ve been here, I’ve had a settled routine and had an entire set of experiences that I’m not sure I could’ve found anywhere else.  Now is the time to spread my wings and move on, and I get to do that knowing that there are more milestones ahead.  In a philosophical way, positive change helps the world spin around.

“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

I’d rather not say goodbye but see you later. You never know what’s just around the bend, but I hope that my journey and yours brings more happiness and smiles. Maybe one day our paths will cross again.charlie-brown-snoopy_goodbye

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