My First Blog at Bow Valley Credit Union

I should introduce myself before I jump right in.  My name is Caroline, and I’ve just started working at Bow Valley Credit Union as the Retail Services Assistant.  What’s that mean? It means I get to be creative, and be involved in marketing and social media which brings me to this blog.  

Little bit about me?  I love sports, be it hockey, football, soccer … I think you get the picture.  I’m excited that the Olympics are coming up relatively quickly.  I’ve been known to get up at all hours of the night to watch Canadian hockey, especially the World Junior Hockey Championships.  This probably means that I’m a little bit crazy, but it makes me happy.  I’ve only recently moved to Alberta and am enjoying the great opportunities to hike (and the fantastic scenery!). 

I’m happy to be at Bow Valley Credit Union.  I came from the legal field and that is an entirely different world.  I knew a little bit about credit unions before I got here.  For instance, I knew that credit unions are financial co-operatives, and from that I inferred that means that credit unions are highly focused on their members.  I’m not sure I grasped just how much the Bow Valley Credit Union was committed to playing an active role in making a difference in the community, but I’m quickly getting the picture that that is very much the case.  The tree planting in Banff celebrating75 years of Credit Unions in Alberta really impressed me (check out the newsfeed to get all the details and see pictures!).   I didn’t know that as a credit union that Bow Valley Credit Union has a 100% no-limit guarantee on deposits and accrued interest, which the strongest guarantee in Canada through the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation.  Now I know, and I’m impressed.  

I’m sure that I’ll be learning all kinds of interesting things in this position, some of which I’ll be posting but I’m also looking forward to sharing other things with you, including more offbeat and obscure topics to keep things interesting.   Have a blog suggestion or a question about Credit Unions?  Drop me an email at

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