Philosophy 101

One-LifeIs the glass half empty? Or is it half full? Maybe you think the glass is the wrong size to hold what’s in there. I’ve been having some philosophical thoughts this week. I think this may have been prompted by the fact that I realized that we are in the 29th week of 2014 – that means that the year is more than half over. Where is time going? I’m planning things for a couple months away and have become aware that October is that close. I feel like that was just a few short months ago.

That brings me to the fact that this is your life. The only one you’ll get. When you think about it that way, what life ambitions do you have? Places you want to visit. Activities you want to try. Things you want to say to someone you love. Leaps you want to make. Risks you want to take. Dreams you want to shoot for. Sure, you can do it next month or next year or someday.

All you have to do is read the news on any given day to become aware of the fact that you never know what fate has in store for you. Am I suggesting that you flat out live like today might be your last day? Yes and no. Planning for the future is a good thing (and that means doing things like saving money). But waiting to enjoy all life has to offer until “someday” – probably not the most fulfilling way to live. I think this falls into the category of being the author of your own destiny. Don’t wait for someone else to cue you to take control.

ps: maybe going tech-free is something to do more often. It was a weird experience, but at the same time, oddly liberating. After all, do you want to be staring at your phone or the 7 (Ancient/ Modern/ Natural) Wonders of the World?


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