Planning to attend Post-Secondary School?

Being a student myself, I can relate to you. I know how much stress paying for school and managing your finances can be. I do work full-time and attend Post-Secondary School full-time. I have experienced many of the challenges and road blocks other students may be facing while planning for school and during school.

For example, I learnt to manage my time accordingly in order to complete my projects and assignments for school while still working full-time. Time management and motivation are two key factors if you choose to work and go to Post-Secondary School at the same time. As a student, you have to be willing to set aside the right amount of time to complete both and do them well.

Over the years, I have received financial assistance from my family and many other students I’m sure do to but on the other hand some students have to pay for it themselves. Whichever situation you are in, there are always options available to you.

Financing made easy for students with many options available through your credit union. We realize school can be expensive and that’s where your credit union comes in. We offer smart services to help you succeed, now and into the future. Managing your finances while attending school can be tough but making smart decisions on managing your money is easy with the extra help of your credit union.

Some financial options available to students are:

  • Student Lines of Credit
  • Student MasterCard
  • Student Loans
  • Scholarships and Grants

Explore your options and let yourself succeed with whichever path you choose.

– Posted by Amanda Brash

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