Pretty in Pink: Standing Up Against Bullying

This past Wednesday, February 26th was Anti-Bullying Day.  Bow Valley Credit Union stands firm with so many organizations and individuals who speak out against bullying.

In 2007, Travis Price and his friend, David Shepherd, who were in Grade 12 at the time, bought and distributed 50 pink shirts after one of their male classmates at their Annapolis Valley, N.S., school was bullied for wearing pink (for more information, visit  The daylong campaign aims to raise awareness about bullying and serves as a reminder that anti-bullying is more than simply not being a bully.  Everyone has a duty to stand up for others as well – staying silent on the matter might be easier but that doesn’t solve the problem.

Bullying is pervasive and destructive.  Nobody can claim that they don’t know what bullying is, or that it’s wrong.  As one of our staff members in the Cochrane branch has said: “I have seen how bullying effects some of the people I love and have taken a stand to my children that it is unacceptable for anyone to be treated badly because they may be ‘different’.”

We encourage everyone to stand against bullying and be the positive change in the world that we would like to see.

Cochrane  Branch Anti-Bullying Day February 26.14

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