Roll with the Punches

Roll with the Punches

Whether you are talking about a boxing term or about coping with adversity, we’ve all heard this phrase before. I think we can all relate to a moment when something (big or small) didn’t happen the way we hoped. Conditions in life can change in the blink of an eye. Sometimes we have to change our course of action quickly, especially when things don’t go the way we plan.

Here are 8 tips to help you roll with life’s punches:

  1. Change what is in your control. If there is a way you can make your situation better that doesn’t jeopardize you or someone else, try it. What have you got to lose at this point? Sometimes simply changing one or two factors in our lives can turn around many other things.
  2. Don’t get stuck. We need to accept that life does change in an instant, and rather than get caught up in insisting that things stay as they are, we need to get “unstuck” and find a new way of dealing with something. Change is inevitable and the sooner we accept this, the better we will be at rolling with the punches.
  3. Make decisions. Being indecisive is the worst way to deal with life’s blows. We have to make choices. Yes, sometimes those choices turn out to be ones that are difficult. But ultimately, we learn from the decisions we make (whether they are good or bad ones). If you have a hard time, make a pros and cons list.
  4. If something is hard, acknowledge it. It’s okay to admit when we are having a difficult time. Often that is the first step in realizing that we need to be better at rolling with the punches. Acknowledging it is merely a step in the process of moving forward.
  5. Trust your gut. Pay attention to your instincts. We have them for a reason. When facing a crossroads of sorts, evaluate how you feel about the situation. Does it give you a good feeling, or are you feeling cautious and wary? Don’t ignore how you feel.
  6. When something goes wrong, don’t shut down. Don’t give up. If things aren’t turning out the way you’d like them to, don’t see this as the end all be all. Try approaching it differently or getting more tools to help yourself be successful.
  7. Learn from the situation. Rolling with the punches means discovering what went wrong, learning from it, and optimizing future choices to avoid that happening again.
  8. Stay positive. It’s easy to get negative, especially if others around you are negative as well. Avoid putting yourself in a position where you are surrounded by negativity. Life won’t always be sunshine, but by reminding yourself that good times exist (even if the moment is dark and dreary) you are allowing yourself to stay positive.

In the end, rolling with the punches means accepting that life gives us some hard knocks sometimes. How we react in the moment to lessen that blow is what really matters the most.

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