School is in Session

back-to-schoolI know the calendar says that Fall is still a few weeks away, but to me it feels like it is already here. I almost had to scrape my car windows a few times this week. We’ve had big frost, and it’s snowed nearby. Also, it’s back to school time!

To me, Fall represents new beginnings, even though I think that happens again at New Year. I guess that is just a thought that is left over from the days of starting a new school year. The excitement of brand new challenges and successes to come. Seeing friends that you may not have seen over the summer.

bookandappleGoing back to school can be stressful for students and teachers alike. After a summer which might not have been scheduled very strictly, school is all about bells and deadlines.  There are a few things that I wish that I had realized a little more clearly when I was in school.

Breathing is good! Taking 10 deep breaths when things seem a little bit insurmountable is a good thing (and hey – that’s a technique that still works whether you are in school or not)! Asking questions is good. Just because your best friend understands something, it doesn’t mean you will. That’s what school is about – learning. This is also a good reason to start or be part of a study group. Take good notes. Just because you understand something in the moment doesn’t mean that you will when it comes to studying for a test.

extracurricularsExtra circulars are awesome. In hind sight, I may have learned more about life in those hours than I did in the classroom. Those hours were amazing, even though it did mean getting up earlier a lot of mornings. Besides, post-secondary institutions like to see that you were involved in your school. As if that wasn’t enough reason, you can meet some really great people who you might not otherwise have ever gotten to know.

Stay on top of your homework. When you get the opportunity, pick your classes wisely. What do you need for your career dreams? Be realistic. Stay organized and set goals. To this day, I rely on a good to do list. Also good planning helps a lot; pulling an all-nighter is not a good tactic for long-term success.

Final piece of advice? Watch out for school buses. They might drive more slowly than the average car and make a lot more stops which might be irritating, especially when you want to be somewhere, but they sure carry some precious cargo. Please remember to stop for them.SchoolBus


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