Seeking Adventure…

ItalyThis is where I confess that I’m addicted to The Amazing Race. I love looking at where they are in the world and considering if I’d like to be there myself. I’ll even go so far to Google a location to see what else I could do, see, eat… you get the picture, if I went there. Last week, seeing Italy made me think (again) that I’d just love to go there. When I mentioned this to a friend, the response was let’s go! When? Well, ideally now, but how about as soon as we can make it happen?

So I say, close your eyes and think of 5 places you’d like to go in the world and write them down. Dreaming is a good thing! It can make you smile and give yourself a goal. Who doesn’t want to go to a beach in Bora Bora? Maybe someone who prefers skiing in Swiss Alps. Or sailing on a yacht in the Caribbean. The options are as endless as people are diverse. Thinking of what adventures you want to have is a good plan.

Then, the best part is actually going to a place; picking an adventure and just going for it.   Maybe you plan it out to the nth degree or maybe you just go for it, whatever works for you. When you go places, do things, and have experiences that you can’t get at home, it makes for such a more fulfilling life. You may discover a new place you want to live or another experience you want to have, all while being on an adventure.

Make a list. Start with the bucket-list locations that you have to go to before you die, but don’t stop there. Make a list of activities or attractions you want to experience. Figure out how to fit them into an adventure or two… or three. The best part about being adventuresome is that it can only help you grow as a person. We can find more about who we want to be, the kind of people we want to meet and the places we want to spend time in, all in the comfort of home with the help of our super handy friend Google. Next stop, Italy… or maybe Bora Bora…

Bora Bora

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