Showing support to those affected by the flooding throughout Alberta

In the midst of the flooding and overwhelming destruction in the community of Canmore, two young
residents wentStay Strong Canmore On _resized out of their way to lift morale and remind us to stick together through this difficult time.
Homemade signs were handed out to several businesses in the Canmore community by these inspiring individuals who encouraged us to colour and post the posters. Bow Valley Credit Union employee Min Sun is pictured to the right with an example of a poster distributed by the young boys. Thank you for reminding us that as a community we are strong and it doesn’t take a lot to be a positive support to those that are going through tough times.

If you have positive stories of how people in all communities came together during this difficult time, please share with us and leave a reply below. We would like for you to share these positive stories with us.

Our thoughts are with all those impacted by the flooding, not only in Canmore, but all affected areas in Alberta.

– Posted by Amanda Brash

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