Financial Tips for Students:

1. Set A Monthly Budget
This will help you control any spending habits you may have. An example of student monthly budgets can include a breakdown of:

  • Bills
  • Rent
  • Food Expenses
  • Spending Money
  • Pay-Checks from your Employer, and
  • Other Expenses

Setting a budget is easy; sticking to it is the challenge. If you can maintain sticking to your budget, the ease of financial stress could become that much easier.

2. Arrange Your Housing Accommodation.
Are you planning on staying on residence at the Post-Secondary School you are attending? Staying with family? Or renting an apartment with a friend? These are all options to consider while applying for school as you will need housing accommodation and it is not cheap!

A recommendation for you. Start looking into housing accommodations as soon as possible as I have run into this road block before thinking I have more time than I actually did. Time flies! Housing accomodations fill up fast and can be hard to find.

3. Working and Attending Post-Secondary School.
Is working during your school year an option for you? Is this your first semester of school and how is your course load? You will have to decide, when the time comes, how you will manage your course load and if you want to work. Working full-time and having a full course load, I can relate, I have learned that you have to be motivated, determined, and able to manage your time to complete both!

– Posted by Amanda Brash

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