Spring Up!

cherry blossomsI am not looking forward to the beginning of Daylight Savings Time this weekend.  That extra hour sleep – gone in the blink of an eye!  There’s one good thing that comes from Daylight Savings time and that is the knowledge that spring is right around the corner.  Just a short 8 days, it will officially be spring.  And that means…

  1. LONGER DAYS: One of the biggest reasons to look forward to spring is the longer days. Those long days of what seems like perpetual darkness really start to drag. I love the sunlight and when the spring approaches, the sunlight starts sticking around longer. There’s nothing better than days filled with brilliant, uplifting sunshine.
  1. WARMER WEATHER: Perhaps my second favorite thing about spring is the warmer weather.  That feeling of spring in the air without the bite of the winter wind is always a welcome feeling.
  1. SHEDDING LAYERS: There is only so much I can take getting all bundled up to go outside. Sweaters, boots, jackets, scarves, hats, gloves… enough! There’s nothing like being able to simply slide on a pair of shoes and run outside without worrying about frostbite.
  1. LET THERE BE LIFE! I appreciate watching the first buds pop on the trees (even if it does make me sneeze!) and seeing the sleeping bulbs of daffodils and tulips awaken after a long winter nap.  I love the fields of little calves and foals.
  1. BARBECUES: Even if you are super tough and BBQ all year round, it’s not the same when you are trying to flip burgers in a parka.  It’s just that much more enjoyable when the sun is up and the temperature is heating up.  Maybe you can even dine al fresco.
  1. OPEN WINDOWS: I really can’t explain how much I love to open up the windows in the spring and let that fresh air come on in.  Everything smells so crisp and just feels so much better.

Maybe after what feels like a winter without as much snow as I had expected, we will be faced with a rainy, wet spring – only Mother Nature knows.  I do have good rain boots, so I am absolutely set to jump in a few puddles.



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