Summer Begins!

Summer FunAccording to my calendar, summer starts tomorrow. When I saw that at the beginning of the week, it seemed like a cruel joke – it’s been cold, wet, and miserable for the last week and even before the rain came, it wasn’t very spring-like weather. Today is another story. It is beautiful out! So in honour of summer being right around the corner and hopefully bringing some good weather with it, here are some suggestions:

  1. Read a great book – it could be a new bestseller or an oldie that you’ve been meaning to get to
  2. Learn a new skill – kayaking, mountain biking, fishing…
  3. Plan and go on a vacation – it doesn’t have to be far or long (it could even be a day trip!)
  4. Go camping – I guess that also qualifies as a vacation, but there are lots of possibilities
  5. Celebrate the warm weather with an ice cream sundae
  6. Round up your friends and play a game of soccer, baseball, football, Frisbee … anything to take advantage of the weather
  7. Make some no-bake treats – like rice crispy squares
  8. Go swimming – beach or pool
  9. Have a garage sale
  10. Go to a Farmer’s Market
  11. Have a picnic (goes well after you visit a Farmer’s Market!)
  12. Take in an outdoor concert
  13. Go strawberry (or blueberry, raspberry…) picking
  14. Check out a Summer Festival – there are lots of options to suit your tastes from the Calgary International Blues Festival to the Canmore Folk Music Festival to the Calgary Dragon Boat Festival

No matter what you do, don’t forget to wear sunscreen and don’t feed the bears! Here’s to hoping that there are lots of fantastic summer days ahead!


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