Tech Free for the Weekend

Tech_Free It occurs to me as I sit in front of my computer on Friday afternoon that I’ve spent the better part of the week sitting and looking at the screen. No wonder my eyes are getting a little twitchy and buggy! Also, like most people, my smartphone is within arm’s reach 99% of the time. Then there is my downtime which is often in the form of watching television. Even if I read, that tends to be on my Kindle. For goodness sake, I wake up in the morning courtesy of my alarm clock on my phone. That’s a lot of technology. I’m pretty sure that I’m more reliant on it all than I should be. I’m not saying that I never talk to people face-to-face because I could just text or email, but being connected is just how things work these days.

It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend coming up, and I think that maybe going tech free is the way to go. I’m not sure how successful I’ll be at going cold turkey and walking away from it all, but hey, it is just a weekend. (Here is where I confess that there’s no way I’m not PVRing the last couple World Cup Games. I need to know how that turns out! But I’ll make a concerted effort to stay away from it in real time). My “vacation” from technology can’t last that long anyways – doomed from the start since come Monday morning I need to wake up on time courtesy of the phone alarm. There is just no avoiding that.

locked_up_laptopI wonder if I’ll be more productive if technology isn’t there influencing my interactions. I am sure that I have plenty to do in my tech-free downtime. I’m also just as sure that it’ll be weird not to do even the small things like check the weather app. Maybe keeping busy will stop me from getting technology-free anxiety – I know that forgetting my phone at home for a couple of hours has me feeling odd. I can’t remember the last time I passed a full 48 hours without checking my phone at least once. It has been a long time for sure! Am I addicted? I’d like to think not. I don’t fail to get things done because I have other messages to check and respond to nor do I have an issue ignoring my gadgets when I’m spending time with friends or family. So maybe there is hope for me. We shall see…

I realize that it’s ironic to talk about going technology free on a blog, but c’est la vie! Wish me luck!


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