The Blink of an Eye

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight with no vision.” —Helen Keller

Nothing stays the same forever. Everything changes—sometimes slowly and sometimes suddenly. Sometimes these changes, fast or slow, are welcome and sometimes they have little impact. But sometimes events happen in the blink of an eye that changes the course of our lives forever.

When we least expect it, tragedy can strike. And it often does, in an instant. With little to no warning, our lives are turned upside-down forever.

As unpleasant as it can be to think about, nobody is assured of their health for another day—it can be taken suddenly by accident or diagnosis. Nobody is guaranteed the presence of their family or friends for another day. There are no guarantees.

Some might scoff at this kind of talk, assuming tragedy will never strike. Denial might be the normal way to deal with ideas like this. While I might spend some time in the denial camp which really isn’t a place to linger, there are moments that make denial absolutely impossible.  Recognizing and accepting the truth that life is fragile might help you live it to the fullest, as scary as the idea can be.

Our lives are too valuable to waste chasing and maintaining unneeded possessions.  Don’t live in the past and make assumptions about the future: simple live each day in the present. Make the most of every opportunity.  Forgive who needs to be forgiven. Express love and gratitude to those who deserve to hear it. Each new day is an opportunity to make a difference. Don’t waste it (second chances aren’t as plentiful as we might wish).

Our lives are fragile. They can change in an instant. Live for today and don’t hold onto any regrets.

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