The Foundation of Happiness

Audrey Heburn QuoteWhat inspires you? What makes you excited to jump up and greet a new day? Happiness can come from all sorts of places – some surprising and some not.

Building your foundation on happiness is important because it helps you keep in mind what is important to you and lets that shine. Audrey Hepburn classically and cleverly noted that “Happy girls are the prettiest.” The inner glow happiness gives you radiates outwards in a way that nothing else can.

So how do you get to that happy glowing stage?

  1. Compare Yourself To Yourself – No One Else. Stop comparing yourself with others. Instead, compare yourself to yourself. Why? You will only get happier and stronger by comparing who you were yesterday to who you want to be tomorrow. It’s that whole “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” idea – a photograph on Instagram or an update on Facebook might leave you feeling inadequate or jealous, but is that the whole picture? Besides, what makes someone else happy might not do if for you at all.
  2. Love to Love. Building your foundation on happiness relies on love. Love doesn’t just mean a significant other; it can be love for friendship, family, animals, hobbies, and loving yourself.
  3. Let the Silly Things Slide. We can’t hold onto what could be holding us back. Letting the little things bother us keeps us from moving forward. We need to start letting the silly things slide instead of holding onto them for dear life. It’s true: everyone makes mistakes. Make mistakes, learn from them, and shake it off.
  4. Your Well-Being. Nothing spells out happiness more than your well-being. Building your foundation on happiness has to do a lot with your well-being. Being healthy, working out, and eating the right foods releases endorphins. Why is it important to build your foundation on happiness through your well-being? It is important to take care of yourself in order to do the other things in life that make you happy. The state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy comes from your well-being.
  5. Do What You Love. The only way to true happiness is to do what you love. Building your foundation on happiness is filling your life up with hobbies and activities that keep you going each day. Do something that makes you happy and something that you have passion for. If you’re not happy with what you’re doing, change it and start building your foundation on work that inspires you and allows you to grow.

Think about what makes you happy and consider it a work in progress. Stretch to get there and enjoy the journey.

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