The Good Earth

go-greenWe all have those areas of our lives that deep down we know could use improvement, especially when it comes to being kinder to the earth. Whether it’s making an effort to recycle more or starting a composting program at work, there’s likely an earth-friendly project or two rolling around in that brain of yours that you just haven’t made the time for yet.

This coming Wednesday, April 22nd is the 45th Earth Day. No one person can prevent climate change. No one person can keep global temperatures from rising. But we can all make an effort to live more sustainably.

A few suggestions?

  • Plant a tree… or two… or … more…
  • Recycle
  • Start composting
  • Walk, bike, hop, skip… instead of driving those short distances
  • Have to drive to get somewhere? Carpool or take public transit
  • Make sure to turn taps off to save water
  • Use your grey water wisely
  • Reuse things – like using canvas bags when you grocery shopping instead of taking plastic bags
  • Use Tupperware instead of plastic bags
  • Use to-go mugs instead of disposable cups for hot beverages whether you bring them from home or pick them up from your favourite coffee shop
  • Support local produce to help cut down on carbon emissions
  • Don’t want things in the back of your closet anymore? Donate them to give them another life rather than sending them to the landfill
  • Buy or make Earth-friendly cleaning products

Be kind to one another and the Earth.

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