Tree Planting in Banff in Recognition of 75th Anniversary of Alberta Credit Unions

KimNational Tree Day, September 25th, was celebrated in a special way this year.  Alberta credit union employees, including representatives from the Bow Valley Credit Union, worked together to plant 75 trees in Central Park.  Notably, there was a commemorative tree planted in front of the Bow Valley Credit Union on Banff Avenue. 

Banff Mayor Karen Sorensen attended the event and did some planting of her own.  She expressed that the tree planting “represents the spirit and resiliency of Banff residents and all Albertans, in the face of adversity.  Mayor Sorensen went on to declare that “It also represents the contribution the Bow Valley Credit Union has made to building our community”.   

LindaGraham Wetter, CEO of Alberta Central speaking on behalf of all Alberta Credit Unions said “we are celebrating our 75th anniversary by planting trees because we care about the future of our communities, and want to be part of their growth and prosperity”.   

Bow Valley Credit Union employees had nothing but positive comments on the event and based on the photos taken, it looks like they had a great time! Kim DesRosiers, the Banff Branch Member Services Manager, observed that “it was great to see the support from other Credit Union communities in Alberta and celebrate the 75 years of Credit Unions in Alberta by giving back to the areas affected by the June floods”.  Additionally, Linda Shultz, Account Manager of the Banff Branch, remarked that it “was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to participate in an initiative that allows us to make such a positive contribution to our beautiful town”.

Valerie Kriston, Senior Account Manager of the Canmore Branch, commented of the event that “the tree planting with Alberta Central was a great experience.  We planted 75 trees in the park, met other Credit Union Staff and worked together to get the task done.  It was a great team building experience with other Bow Valley Staff and an opportunity for us to contribute to the community.  The Support of Mayor Sorenson and the Town of Banff staff made the process simple.  I’m looking forward to seeing our trees grow in the park in the future”.  Valerie’s sentiments are shared by, Greg Buehler, Canmore Branch Manager, who noted that “it was very enjoyable to spend the time with coworkers and make a positive impact on Central Park for now and the future.  Whenever I visit the park, I will be reminded of our (Bow Valley Credit Union) contribution”.


According to those who participated, the tree planting was a lot of fun and a really successful event.  A big thank you goes out to those who represented Bow Valley Credit Union and all Credit Unions in Alberta!

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