Try Something New?

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” ~ Albert Einstein

Sky DivingWhat’s not to love about the status quo? Turns out you can get quite stuck there. Right in the middle of your comfort zone. Safe and sound? Perhaps. Living life to the fullest? Definitely not.

  1. It is exhilarating to try something new and different. It’s a great feeling to accomplish what seemed to be hard. There is nothing like looking back and realizing that you did something awesome and different. Maybe it’s a useful skill. Maybe it was a bucket list item.
  2. One new experience leads to another, and before you know it, the sequence takes on a life of its own, taking you on one adventure after another. An adventure doesn’t have to be climbing Machu Picchu (although, without a doubt, that would be one excellent adventure). There’s nothing wrong with starting small or mixing it up.
  3. It takes the sameness out of each and every day. You might think you like the comfort of sameness, but you need to try something different now and again to appreciate just what your comfort zone is and what kind of life it leads you to have. Variety is the spice of life – cliché, but for a good reason, I’d say.
  4. Trying new things gives you energy.
  5. Trying new things feels awkward and uncomfortable and exciting and exhilarating all at the same time. You plan to do it. Then when the time comes to do it, you wonder why you set yourself up for all this worry and discomfort. You feel the need to stay in your comfort zone. But then when you push forwards you wonder why you ever considered backing out of your plans more often than not.
  6. Trying new things makes you grow as a person. You just can’t do 10 new things and still remain the same. Your confidence blooms, and you start to see life differently.
  7. Small changes let you make small mistakes, and they let you learn that making mistakes isn’t the end of the world. You can fix them.   Your world did not come apart because something didn’t work the first time. Your instinct when something doesn’t work is to put it away and forget about it. When you get on a path of trying new things, you expect to make mistakes. Before you know it, you’ve failed your way to success.

So try new things. Make some mistakes. Laugh at your attempts and learn something from them. Grow and change while you live and learn. Find your confidence and have some fun. It’s worth a shot. Good luck!

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