Week 40

hourglassMy calendar tells me that it is the 40th week of the year – not only that, but it is the end of the 40th week. I see in the local papers events popping up like Christmas Craft Fairs. I have to confess: this makes me a little edgy. Just yesterday, it was the beginning of 2014. Turns out “just yesterday” was more than a few days ago.

With time rushing by, it makes me think of things that I want to do before the year is over , beyond the regular every day stuff. Considering how much time is left, I think being realistic is key.

  1. Host a dinner party
  2. Read a book (John Grisham’s Sycamore Row is just waiting for me, I know!)
  3. Clean out the closet before the killer dust bunnies get to me
  4. Have another technology free weekend (it was good the first time, but was that just an anomaly? Will I go crazy before getting through weekend #2?)
  5. Sleep in – might be a good thing to try when I go tech free
  6. ?? I know there must be more, but I’m drawing a blank!

It seems I might not be reaching far enough. What can I say? I’m not feeling terribly adventuresome today. Maybe after sleeping in I’ll have a bunch of ideas and the ambition to go forth and do.

What do you want to do before 2014 is up?

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