Winter Fun!

There’s nothing like a Canadian winter.  It can be less than fun when you are stuck shoveling, but after that is done, there are lots of opportunities to do fun things in the winter.  The great outdoors can be an endless source of fun, whether you travel to somewhere like Banff National Park, Calgary Olympic park or even if you don’t leave your own backyard.  Don’t forget to bundle up before you go out!  Extra mittens are good to bring along.   Some suggestions…

  1. Skiing… downhill or cross country
  2. Snowboarding
  3. Snowshoeing
  4. Skating
  5. Play hockey
  6. Hiking
  7. Building snow men
  8. Constructing an igloo/snow fort
  9. Tobogganing
  10. Dog sledding (participating or watching a race)
  11. Have a snowball fight
  12. Make a snow angel
  13. Build a bonfire and make s’mores
  14. Ice fishing
  15. Winter camping
  16. Snowmobiling
  17. Ice climbing

Be careful!  Remember stay safe and remember that the backcountry can be a dangerous place.  When you are exhausted, you can always go home,  have some hot chocolate and know that all the outside air should get you a good night’s sleep so you can get up and do it all over again.

What outdoor winter activities do you like and where do you go to do them?

Skiing in Banff


2 Responses to “Winter Fun!”

  1. Elizabeth

    My favorite winter activity involves a book, a glass of wine and a couch!! (:


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