Chicago Blackhawks 2015 Stanley Cup ChampsThe NHL season ended on Monday with the Blackhawks hoisting The Cup for the 3rd time in 6 years. They look like a dynasty, and you can bet that that they’ll be in the hunt next season for their 4th Cup in 7 years. Duncan Keith was outstanding as the Conn Smythe winner. It was great to see Chicago win in 2010 and 2013 but there was something special about them winning at home in 2015, and even though they had to wait for The Cup to arrive since it was stuck in traffic due to the bad weather, the celebration rolled on with their hometown fans.

Adding to the hockey excitement this spring was Canada, led by none other than Sidney Crosby, winning the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in an exciting tournament that also saw Canada claim first place in the IIHF Men’s World Rankings.

Golden State Warriors celebrate winning the 2015 NBA ChampionshipThe NBA ended their season on Tuesday with Golden State beating Cleveland 4 games to 2. Steph Curry had the perfect ending to his MVP season. He looked effortlessly phenomenal and that’s saying something considering he shared the court with superstar Lebron James. I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited about the NBA as I was this year. It’s been quite the basketball run that started with March Madness that’s only wrapping up now.

What does this add up to? Withdrawal. It’s a long time before next season (NHL or NBA) starts again. Maybe that’s a good thing. Having a break makes me appreciate it all the more when the Fall rolls around. But until then, there might be a few good twitches over here.

There will be some excitement coming up to the NHL draft on June 26th. Then for certain we will know where Connor McDavid’s first NHL team is (although it may be impossible at this point to believe that the Oilers would draft another player first overall).

It’s a good thing that the countdown to football is on. Not that I’m a sports addict or anything … What can I say? My love of sports was started before I could walk, courtesy of my Dad (Happy Father’s Day!)!

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